Ah yes, the pesky international break. Let’s take some time to review the 3 matches so far. We’ll start with a reminder that there are still 35 Premier League matches left…so nobody panic at all. 

Week 1: Everton v Spurs (1-1)

What more can we say about this result? It’s Everton. It was away, it was the first week of the season and many of our lads were(are) not quite 100% yet. A point was okay, if not frustrating, but we walked away with about as good a result as we could ask after sloppy play, an early freak goal and Hugo over-doing it. We seem to always play the Toffee’s close so the trend is here. What was incredible was a 70+ person turnout at Zauber. That was amazing and mind-blowing and still talked about. Well done, everyone. 

Week 2: Spurs v Crystal Palace (1-0)

We welcomed Andros Townsend back to the Lane and Erik Lamela slammed the door on him with a beautiful nutmeg to close out a pretty well played game. Sure we should have had many more goals, but it’s early and they’ll come. A late Victor winner saw us welcome Big Vic firmly into our loving embrace and celebrate the first 3 point takeaway of the campaign. We also got to see the much anticipated Harry & Vinny Show with Kane and Janssen both starting up front. Lots of different reviews of Harry dropping back, but I believe most agreed it was fun and we’re open to it. 

Week 3: Spurs v Liverpool (1-1)

The words Saido Mane have left a mark on Spurs supporters after the third match of the season. An early yellow and many, MANY requests for a second in the first 60 minutes had us furious. Overall, this was a pretty ugly match that was lucky to see us out with a point. That’s 3 straight draws and no wins since 2012 when some guy named Bale was scoring. A lucky, albeit awkward, Danny Rose ankle shot rescued a point. 

So a quick summary? 2 lucky points and 3 well deserved ones. 5 points is a fine way to start the season and with Champions League on the horizon, our lads will need to get their swagger back. 

We can’t thank you all enough for coming out to Zauber Brewing so far. The turnout has been incredible and we’re so excited to see where this season goes as a supporters group. Let’s keep growing and cheering. COYS!