So Now What?

Last year saw a historic season come to a dismal close. This left many supporters asking the same question….now what?

The Newcastle match is in the past but still leaves a bitter taste. Everton is looming and an opening day 3 points would be just what we need to move on. We have the signings, the new kits and a season of hope on the horizon.

We have Champions League at Wembley and a new stadium coming soon. We have a manager daring us to dream about League and European glory. We have a young core urging us to find confidence in them week in and week out. We have a golden boot winner who’s just getting started. The Young Player of the Year found fame and a spot in the national squad and returns to lead us further.

So what comes next? We follow blindly into the new campaign with the same passion and love for this Club.  But if this season feels different and maybe you feel weary of expectations, the weight of glory chasing on our young men’s shoulders and rivals opening wallets to play catch up, just remember….to dare is to do.